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Adarexfoods is a trademark of Crexovon Limited established in 2017, whose mission is to help families and individuals to fulfil their desired nutritional needs with reduced food preparation stress, as well as balancing their work life.

Adarexfoods was conceived with a strong passion to bridge the gap in our Agro market for the people of our locality and beyond, by adding value to already existing Nigerian produce, such as our processed Beans flour, Yellow Dry Pap Powder and other food related products in the making. Our locally sourced and hygienically packaged products are already processed for convenience and ease of use and are also NAFDAC certified.

The Management team consists of professionals who have gathered over ten years wealth of experience from different walks of life which include Resource Administration, Health, Safety and Environment, Product Sourcing, Sales, Agro-processing, Marketing and Business Development. And by understudying customer driving products as against customer driven products over the years, we have tailored our services to promote health, quality, accessibility, affordability, convenience and optimal customer satisfaction; and our customers have come to love us for it.


Our Mission and Vision Statement

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